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20large Clothing – Essential Streetwear

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20large is an Australian Urban culture/rap and hip hop fashion company that supports underground Aussie hip hop and international artists alike. The owner/entrepreneur Jarrad Seewitz has given some time to share with us some of his journey and how he came to own and run the clothing giant.

I met the 20large owner at Sydney’s premier cypher spot Hustle and Flow bar at the event Rock the Block. We got talking and it wasn’t too long after we started speaking that we discovered we’d both grown up on the Gold Coast and our lives had basically run parallel to each others. We were the same age, knew the same people and had grown up literally 10 minutes from each other. 

We had never crossed paths until we met in hip hop club in Sydney though. Funny how life works sometimes right. Jarrad is a legend and a big supporter of underground hip hop and his threads are dope! 

Big ups for taking the time today bro.

Did you grow up with music and hip hop?

I’m a music lover of all genres really, Though HIPHOP is my heart. Growing up my Father was a muso and roadie for a lot of Australian Rock bands in 70s/80s. So I guess my love for music came from that. Fell in love with RUN DMC and the rest followed. 

Dope. Have you got a preferred style of hip hop? Also, you’re a DJ right?

Boom Bap definitely my preferred style of hip hop. Yeah, I started Mobile DJing at the age of 16 on the Gold Coast. I moved around, playing a few clubs here and there. My DJ name is Slim.

How did 20large start?

20large was a Brand started by two brothers, friends of mine in 2008. It was heavily HIPHOP influenced with a mix of Skate, surf and anything Extreme sports. I used to wear the Brand while DJING the scene.


20large Origins

2015 I joined the team and the three of us relaunched 20large Clothing, focusing mainly in the Urban Culture/rap & HIPHOP fashion.

2016/17 found us at a spot of either ending our vision or continuing on myself to see out the path we had all seen and hoped would be. 

Woah! Crazy shit. And where is the business now?

In the Last five years since the re launch, the name has definitely been imprinted into the scene here in Australia. 20large supports a lot of underground and upcoming artists, along with Events and shows here and there. Been very lucky at having some international exposure though we wouldn’t be where we are without our loving support from our Australian HIPHOP friends & family. 

We are made for the streets!

Much love to 20large owner and operator Jarrad for taking the time to share with us today. I love hearing stories of people facing struggle and adversity and working to overcome it. It’s inspirational.

You can check out 20large dope merch here and I believe there is a sale on at the moment.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

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