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24K – The Child of Light

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24K aka The Child of Light is Prims pick for this weeks artist spotlight. I know a lot of rappers and I would have to say 24K is one of the most unique cats I know. 

Blending a fusion of classic bars, smooth flow and lyricism with heavy undertones of emo – 24K creates something as powerful as it is unique.

I just want to say: This guy is a beast on the mic. Multi-syllabic rhymes with extraordinary cadence coupled with heavy content that makes me question the meaning of existence.

Every time I have new ideas for a verse or chorus, I run it by 24K. Big ups for taking the time to share with us bro. 


24K performing 'Killing in the Name"

When did you 1st get into hip hop?

“The first time I heard hip hop music was when I was 11 years old and heard my eldest brother play The Eminem Show in his bedroom. I vividly remember knocking on the door and asking what he was listening to. He spent the rest of the afternoon indoctrinating me into the church of Eminem and needless to say, as a quiet kid, the youngest of 3 boys, I was entranced by the aggressive self-expression typical to rap music of that era.

I can’t quite remember how long it took me to start writing my own music from there but it was around 14 or 15. I couldn’t get enough of the masculine energy I felt when listening to hip hop, and even more so when writing it myself. The rappers became idols to me, even heroes in some cases, especially Eminem, who’s vivid lyrics of home life reflected mine to an eerie extent.”

Fusion baby

Funnily enough I was swept into the emo music scene not long after. I can’t remember what age I was but it was a huge turning point for me. When hanging with my emo friends I had to hide my love of hip hop, and when hanging with my street friends I wouldn’t dare tell them I was listening to Asking Alexandria in my solo-listening time.

Even when metalcore and pop punk were the lion’s share of my music collection I never put down the pen and pad and started incorporating alternative undertones to my music. Obviously, my music became very sad but it became an emotional outlet for all that angst.”

What’s the scene like for you?

Writing music is something I never stopped doing. As I got older I started playing shows around Sydney and working on a debut album that was never released for a few personal reasons. I found that in traditional hip hop scenes full of old heads my strange emo-angsty-screamy-sad music wasn’t entirely well received.

I’ve always said that 60% of those crowds hated my sound, but the remaining 40% were blown away. I’ve never really cared if my music is confronting or polarizing, I think that’s the whole point of art in the first place. All my music ever was, and all it ever will be, is an extension of my self. If you find it confronting, perhaps you are someone that needs to be confronted. Having people approach me after a show or online and tell me they found my music relatable or comforting or helped them feel better after going through something rough makes it worth the few old heads that turn their nose at me.”


24K - All that glitters is gold

“If I could give advice to anybody writing music of any kind, but especially in hip hop, its the same advice your dad gives you when you’re going out with your first date: Be yourself. Copying people’s style or unique sound is a surefire way to blend into the rest of the scene.

On a similar note, if you listen to a certain genre of music or belong to a certain subculture the worst thing you can do for that community is gate-keep people that are putting their own spin on it. Almost every great act in history met extreme criticism before they became huge! If you are a person that excludes certain people and spews criticism at newcomers because they want to do their thing, their way, you should be ashamed of yourself.

They call me 24K, the child of light, and you’ll be hearing from me very soon.”

The Child of Light

Big ups bro for taking the time to share with us. I’ve been rocking stages around Sydney with 24K for a few years now and it is always a powerful experience to to see him perform live.

As always thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

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  1. Great blog!! Full of mystery and passion

    Loveeed “If you find it confronting, perhaps you are someone that needs to be confronted” spot on!!

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