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An underground Rappers Port Folio

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People ask me how much underground rappers make occasionally. When I laugh and tell them next to nothing, they are generally quite shocked.

“Why do you do it then?”

“Certainly not for the money” 

I usually reply.

I’ve been repping the Sydney underground for a few years now, honing my craft. Looking back at the time I’ve put in, I am proud of what I’ve accomplished. It’s constant learning, trial and error and MANY fuck ups.

From being the frontman for a hip hop funk band to hosting dope hip hop nights; my experiences have shaped who I am today – Primitive.

underground rapper

Today I’m going to share my experience about a gig that went against all the conventional rules of the underground. A gig where all the artists got paid for their performances and there were people in the crowd.

This blog I’m going to share about the best gig of my life.

underground rapper

open road sounds

Enter a community initiative providing a platform for independent artists that promotes the gig, the artists AND doesn’t take a cut of the profits for doing so. This basically goes against the grain of everything I’ve experienced performing as an underground rapper.

My old mate Gordon – who tells me profound things in his thick Irish accent like: 

“Pete, your only job as a performer is to give the best fucking performance you can” 

– launched this community initiative called Open Road Sounds a few years ago.

Turns out Gordon is also the front man for the indie folk band Josh Orange. Turns out Josh Orange are releasing their 1st studio album in 7 years.  Big ups bro!

I had the honour of performing a few months ago at The Red Rattler Theatre to a packed house. 

Let me tell you the story.

Josh Orange

story time!

Months of planning went into The Rattler gig. We were all pushing hard to get heads in. It was a mixed bill with talents ranging from underground rappers to indie rock bands. We all had one thing in common : the underground.

The gig landed on a Saturday and the final count was just under 200 people..which is basically unheard of for an indie gig with unknown bands and rappers. 

underground rapper

My boi Kermz opened the night – a dope underground rapper that makes his own beats, writes his own songs and produces himself. The guy is fire. Shout outs to Kermz.

Rock bands, folk bands, singers; this gig showcased the talent of the Sydney underground with an eclectic mix of awesomeness.

The vibe in that room was electric that night. The venue itself is gorgeous with a massive stage and sort of like an oldschool 20’s vibe with red velvet and antique couches littered throughout the room.

By the time I went on it was primetime. My boi Gordon gave me the best spot. 9:30 on a Saturday night.

underground rapper

underground rappers track record

The thing that made the gig special was the energy in that room. It was an all ages gig and everyone wanted to be there. Everyone was INTO it. As a performer I am sensitive to the crowd and the vibe.

It’s only natural to want people to like your shit right.

That night the people were screaming my name and yelling my lyrics to me – which has always been a dream of mine. My family, friends and crew were there supporting ya boi. I sold some merch and people wanted photos with me afterwards. At one point I freestyled about the venue and things I could see in the room. The crowd lost their shit. It was dope.

I was drenched in sweat after my set. If you’ve seen me perform live you know I leave a piece of my soul on the stage when I perform.. Anyway i was so drenched that my Aunty didn’t wanna hug me after. 

underground rapper

In the current climate I’m missing performing live. Few things beat the rush of that natural high. I will be returning to the stage at Spoken Vibes on the 8th of July. Hope to see you there.

Big shout outs to Open Road Sounds and my boy Gordon who just produced my new track S.T.F.U – hard to believe that this is the 1st hip hop track Gordon engineered.

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to all my beautiful supporters rocking with ya boi Prim. As an underground rapper – in fact ANY indie artist – it’s the little wins and kind words of encouragement that keep you going. 

Until next time, peace fam!

8 thoughts on “An underground Rappers Port Folio”

  1. Kunal (Platinum Solid)

    On the road to richs and diamond rings… Real ninjas do real things. If you anit in it for the cash pay then passion is your purpose.

    You adventure so far seems epic.. kick ass journey brother.

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