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Aussie Emcee – Lucky No.7

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Being an Aussie emcee has given me so much. I’m grateful to the Scene for the lessons, memories and adventures it has taken me on. Some of the kindest, most humble and selfless people I know are rappers and musicians. 

Also the most narcissistic. Especially me. 

I had one of the greatest adventures recently with my girl, which actually did not involve rapping.. only the music that lives in the heart.

Let me tell you about it.

Aussie emcee

Aussie emcee - date night

So Angel loves crafting. She has stickers, a label-maker, scrapbooks, ribbons, materials etc. She also makes her own candles. Yep, she’s a keeper. 

We thought it would be cool to craft a Date Box one night a couple of months back. The concept is simple:
Write down activities that would make a fun day/night on pieces of paper and put them in the date box. Choose a piece of paper at random and go experience said activity.

Cool right?

A few nights back we chose one that said:

Take a ferry ride. 

This is that story.

Ok, so we live in West Ryde currently and we took a ferry from Meadowbank down the Parramatta River towards the city. It was a dope ride, just as the sun was setting over the water. It was just like that.

We had no real of plan of where to go and ended up jumping off at Barangaroo. We were dressed pretty casual in tees and shorts. Anyway, we decided to go into the new Casino and check things out. 

The place was ridiculous. The elevators didn’t even have buttons. One would have to order it on the computer and the computer would direct you to a lettered elevator. 

Prim Relax bro

I was wearing my Jordan’s that night. As an Aussie emcee, I feel I need to state that.

Anyway, we ended up on level 5 – where the buffet is located – and went to have a look at the array of food. The place is like 6 stars or some shit and like $125 per person. The place was Fuck off good.

Cheese sections, sushi sections, roast sections, Asian sections, dessert stations, a bakery, a chocolate fountain, a seafood station and like a million staff.

So we had a good look around – which they encouraged us to do – and on our way out we stopped to look at the dessert section again.

Every section had a greeter/waiter and the greeter offered us a plate..

Angel goes:

“Oh, we haven’t paid, we’re just having a look.”

We’ll take a plate though.’ I said.

We all began laughing as I grabbed the plate and began loading up.

We grabbed chocolate macarons, tarts, profiteroles and cheesecakes. We then proceeded to an empty table for 4 to sit and eat our selection. It was a fine balance between trying to eat our food with the poise and grace of paying customers while simultaneously inhaling these heavenly treats.

After finishing our naughty nourishments, we got the fuck out of there. No one stopped us. I was so scared that someone was going to stop us and be like:

“That will be $125 each.”

I guess the moral of the story is something like: don’t ever say no to free food. Or: take opportunities as they present themselves.. something like that. 

Rapper gotta eat!

It was a successful date night and I look forward to many more adventures with my partner in crime. I am so driven/obsessed with my music that it was really good to have night off and chill with my girl. I gotta say, it was a fucking cool experience.

Our last date day we went indoor skydiving so they have been awesome so far.

Angel wanted to go back after we left the buffet to get seconds but I thought it best to quit while we were ahead. 

Got a new EP dropping this Saturday 13/02/21. Get ready fam!

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

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