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1. Aussie Hip Hop Artists – The Primitive Truth

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At some point everyone (including other Aussie hip hop artists) asks me how I came up with the name Primitive.

People have theories and there are some rumours of its epic origins, but the truth is far more mundane than people would like to think.

Let me tell you a story.

When I was doing my apprenticeship as a chef – that’s right your boi is a qualified chef! – an old sous chef used to use the term primitive in nearly every imaginable way possible in day to day conversation.

Primitive - Australian Hip Hop Artist

For example :

“Hey Jack, how was your weekend?”

“Primitive” Jack would reply, or

“How ya been bro?”


A man of few words, Jack believed that the word primitive was an underused and undervalued component of the English language. I agreed and still agree with Jacks’ sentiments. Shoutouts to Jack.

In the following years as I was spitting bars in the kitchen, writing and imagining a day when I’d be on stage; I began to start getting better. I had a lot of encouragement from my peers to keep going. So I did.

Australian Hip hop


 Scratch that – ANY hip hop artist needs a dope name. So next on the agenda was getting a stage name. I had to pick something short and sharp. Something that caught the attention of people. Something unique.

I chose “Street Pete”…

Definitely not something that will go down as the best Aussie hip hop name in history, hindsight shows me it was a process I needed to go through.

I was back to the drawing board and next on the list was Penetration Pete.
I just wanna take a minute to state both these names were more kitchen nicknames than names that would leave a mark on the Australian hip hop scene.

I was trying too hard for this name and I had to find inspiration.

My old mate Jack came to mind and his obsession with the word primitive.

I had it! – Primitive Pete!

I made the announcement on my socials and the feedback was unanimous: drop the Pete and just roll with Primitive.

Looking back the name Primitive Pete denoted a Wiggles character reminiscent of Captain Feathersword.

Aussie Hop Hoip Artists

So Primitive was born.

Shoutouts to everyone supporting ya boi and a special mention to my old sous chef Jack.
I’ll be uploading these blogs weekly so tune in next week when I share my story of addiction. 

Peace fam

Primitive – One of Sydney’s up and coming Aussie Hip Hop Artists

Best Aussie Hoip Hop Artists - Primitive

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