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Legendary Rah! on the Road

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What up fam! It’s ya boi Primitive and I have returned. This is the 1st blog I’ve written in just over 18 months. Time flies, life fluctuates and priorities constantly change, right? Right! So much has happened since the last… Read More »Legendary Rah! on the Road

Juggle Garden Growth

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It’s been a minute since I’ve sat down and written a blog. I thought I’d take some time and write about what it’s been like trying to juggle running a small business, recovery, making music and keeping my relationship and… Read More »Juggle Garden Growth

Dynamic Diploma

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For me, life is about taking chances. Growth always happens when comfort zones are broken. This week, I have made the decision to withdraw from studying a Bachelor of Music at Uni. Don’t worry, I am not leaving empty-handed: I… Read More »Dynamic Diploma

Darcy Doogan Hypnotic

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Welcome to a special guest feature with the deep house DJ phenomenon Darcy Doogan – the artist formally known as M-Doc. I’ve had the pleasure of featuring Darcy in a 2-part blog feature in 2020 and it was absolutely awesome. I had… Read More »Darcy Doogan Hypnotic

Prim – Uncensored

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I met Pete/Primitive a few years ago. One of the first things he told me was that he is a rapper. I thought to myself: “Shit. This guys gonna want me to listen to his music”. Well, I was pleasantly surprised… Read More »Prim – Uncensored

MC Connect Certified

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What up and welcome to a special guest feature with the one and only MC Connect. Connect is one half of the rap/rock fire duo Light from a Stranger.. some would say the better half. Jokes. I first met MC Connect at… Read More »MC Connect Certified