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Broke Rappers Side Hustle

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The transition from corporate slave to Uni kid has meant that I’ve had to get crafty and dive into a side hustle.. or 2. As an independent rapper, I feel I have reached a new level as I am now officially the stereotypical struggling artist. Thanks for everyone’s understanding for all the PMs plugging my merch.

Speaking of which, I’ve decided to do a discount sale on Official Primitive merch in the lead up to Chrissy so keep your eyes peeled and dig deep lol.

My main side hustle is a platform called Airtasker. For those that don’t know, the concept: People post everyday jobs on the platform and the community bid on the tasks. Simple and highly effective. 

Today I thought I’d share some of my funniest tasks I’ve done and life in general as a Uni Kid.


Side Hustle

The grind don't stop

I thought that because I write these blogs on the regular that I would have an advantage writing essays and song breakdowns for Uni. How wrong I was. The referencing in particular is so finicky. The structure of the writing is very different to this casual blog-style.

So I study 8 units per Trimester. It’s coming up to week 12 and all the exams and assessments are due. It’s gone so quick! Definitely looking forward to a break over Christmas.

Anyway so I joined Airtasker! As my main side hustle, I’ve been doing all sorts of tasks from removalist work to writing blogs for people. The platform is so smart. You just bid and plug yourself and then sit back and wait.

You can find all sorts of tasks on there. The weirdest one I saw was this dude asking for someone to clean his feet. He had a broken tailbone and needed someone to wash his feet. Poor dude. There was just a picture of his feet on the ad. He posted the job for $20. 

There were no bidders.

A couple of weeks ago I did this job where I dug a frog pond for this lady in Burwood after Uni one day. Some of the crew were like are you staying back Prim?

I’m like nah I’m going to dig a hole. 

It was hard work. I had a pick and a shovel and got stuck in. I created this tiered masterpiece and the lady was stoked. 2 hours of side hustle and $150 later and I was on my way. I was so sore.

I woke up the next day to a text from the frog pond lady saying she wanted the frog pond moved as her hubbie wouldn’t be able to trim the trees in the current location. She said she’d give me $200. I agreed and earlier this week I made the 2nd frog pond. Honest work that.

The side hustle pays

Another job I did was digging up roots and dirt and adding fresh soil to this family home in Putney. It was back breaking but I’ve been out there the past 2 weeks. Plenty of dirt, plenty of work.

Last Sunday I was working on a section with the wife down the side of the house. Digging, loading up the wheel barrow and then pushing it uphill to dump on the dirt mound. It didn’t help that it had a flat tire.

Every time we’d take a load of dirt up, we would go passed a lemon tree in the front yard that was littered with Stink Beetles. The wife wanted to get rid of them all so I would grab a branch and bend it down and she would catch them in the container. It was a little breather for us both but the container soon started overflowing and the beetles began to fly out. It was chaos.

At one point one of the Beetles sprayed its stink gas on the poor ladies face. She ran to the hose cursing these damn beetles. It was pretty funny. 

I’m just plugging away. Making music, studying and trying to make some coin on the side. I got a HD in one of my music theory units the other day so that was dope. I released the film clip for Found in Ash a week ago and the reception has been awesome. 

The next big project I will be releasing is an EP with remixes of some Primitive classics I’ve been working on. 

After that there’s my debut album that my boi Supaadry had provided some absolutely fire beats for. Big ups bro. Together we are SupaaPrim so keep your ears to the ground.

As always thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

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