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Change: The Frightening Freedom

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Change is a time of fear, uncertainty, excitement and ultimately growth. The only thing constant is change. I have decided to defer for a Trimester and try out another Uni called JMC.. if things don’t work out, I can always go back to AMPA and complete my degree.

My belief is that JMC will provide me with the tools and skills necessary to move Primitive forward in all areas of my rap career, especially the business side. 

Let me back up a little and tell the story of how I ended up at this decision.


About a month ago my boy Olly tagged me in a FB post in a music group looking for Sydney hip hop artists to perform. I reached out to the poster and we got chatting. The guy said he was a big fan of my work and wanted to know if I’d be interested in playing a paid gig. I eagerly agreed and we continued to chat.

He went on to tell me that he studied at JMC and furthermore, he could put me in touch with an A & R program being run out of the campus. Why not? I thought.

So I grabbed the email for the program and reached out. The following week I went and performed 3 songs to these A and R peeps and we sat down for an hour after my performance and had a really solid chat. This is what they said.

Before I dive in, let me just share what happened when the stage was being set up for me. There was about 8 of these A and R peeps and one of the guys asked me what my stage name was and what kind of act I’d be performing. I said I’m Primitive and I’m a rapper. Another guy in the back goes:

OMG is your stage name Primitive?

I’m like: yeah man!

He goes: The Primitive? Did you just do a song with Will Taylor (Burred Noises)?

I’m like: yeah bro, that’s my boy!

Small world right. I honestly couldn’t have paid someone for a better plug.

Change is constant

Ok so I did 3 songs for the peeps. 2 new ones and ended with Friendzone. I sat down with the crew and started chatting. One of the guys goes look, generally we speak about an artist behind their back and then bring them in for the feedback.. but I think you can handle it Pete.

They said they adored what I was doing and absolutely loved my bars, but had I worked with anyone who had actually developed my voice. I’m like no and furthermore like what do you mean, like a singing coach? 

They were like yeah perhaps but more like someone in the studio just saying show me your soft voice, show me your loud voice etc. Basically they felt that I sounded like a rapper on an instrumental.. that there was nothing making me pop. They went on to say that many vocalists face this challenge at a certain point, they all sound the same.

I was like Ok, fair enough. Who would actually develop my voice like that though? Who would freely give their time to develop Primitive in the studio in that way and invest their time? Who, I ask. 

“A weirdo.” was the reply from this dude. 

Are you a weirdo?” Angel asked. 

What a legend. Turns out the guy’s not a weirdo. So that was one thing to work on, my voice development. The 2nd was my conversion rate. They put it to me like: 100 people listen to my music and I get maybe 1 listener. That is a pretty shit conversion rate.

Can’t argue with that right. They said it was sort of hand in hand with the voice development. If I can get to a point where I can find my true voice and offer more, then the conversion rate will improve.

Convert this

So we looked at my videos and website and we talked. I told them I thought my issue was my marketing and promo game. They were like yeah perhaps, but it’s also about really looking in the mirror and asking what’s lacking? 

Which is the voice development and conversion rate. 

They went on to say that I have come a long way to get to this point as an indie artist, by myself. That was a good feeling. 

“Back to the drawing board then.” I joked.

“Not at all. This is just the beginning of our conversation and we would like to continue the conversation with you.”

I asked, “If I can get to this next level with my voice, can you help me make a splash in the industry?” 

There was a bit of a pause and one of them was like he really wants to say yes. (I don’t think they actually can though, no guarantees I guess). Instead one said, between all of us we know just about everyone. 

So I left that meeting with a rush of excitement and adrenaline. To me it gave me a lot of hope. I had made it this far by myself. They like my bars, lyrics and stage presence and now it was time to tweak my shit and really stand out from the crowd. They told me that’s what labels like, uniqueness. That’s what is pitched to a label. 

I was telling this all to some friends the other day and one of them is like, don’t sign with a label. They keep 20% of your money, blah blah blah.

I’m like. Bro, at the moment I make 20% of fuck all so I would welcome the 80%.

Anyway, I had a proper audition at JMC the following week and I start there June 7. It’s an exciting time of change and I am hopeful for the future.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!


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