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Claire Ertansel – Devoted Creative

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Welcome to a very special guest feature for the homegirl Claire Ertansel. Claire is a super-talented singer with an amazing voice and powerful stage presence.

I met Claire at Uni and we have become good friends in the relatively short time we’ve known each other. I knew we were going to be friends when I heard her singing a cover of Valerie and absolutely smashing it out of the park. What a legend.

Claire has an old rock n’ roll soul with a musical spirit. She’s the kind of person you just feel like protecting at all costs, you know? Like a little sister. With a huge, versatile voice coupled with dynamite stage presence, Claire Ertansel is a name we will be hearing a lot more from in the near future.

Claire Ertansel

Big ups for taking the time Claire. How long have you been making music and creating?

In my younger days I used to write on paper when I was a kid and I’d write stories a lot. It evolved and I just started to play with a melody while reading the stories I used to write. I started writing songs professionally in the beginning of 2020 & have been in love with music for a long time.

Dope. So what inspires you?

Personal growth inspires me because it shows what you’re capable of doing and becoming confident in everything you do!

Did you grow up with music in your home?

Music has always been a big part in our family as I have a brother that is also into music and plays the guitar quite well! All we ever did was play music throughout our home it was a music house!

Claire Ertansel - Certified

Who are you listening to these days?

Musicians like Selena Quintanilla, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Jackson, Van Halen etc! the list goes on.

Haha legend! What a list. What does music give you? 

Music is such a big purpose in my life. I want to be able to express everything I am throughout my music & share the experiences with others. I want to share how it has helped me with a lot of things, especially anxiety.

So is that what you like to write about then?

I like to write about true experiences through story telling! Story telling has been with me forever and I enjoy writing it through my music.

What’s next for you?

Going out into the big world and producing a lot of music of my own and sharing it with the public! I’ll be out and about soon in Sydney C!BD so come have a sing along! 

Funniest Moments?

When I rocked up to work with two colour boots on haha! So many great moments.

Big love for Claire for taking the time to share with us. I cannot wait to see what she starts producing. Last Trimester in performance class, Claire did a Motown number with a female back up line and it was absolutely amazing.

Big things ahead for this legend.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

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