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Confessions – New Primitive EP!

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So, I have a new Primitive EP dropping in a few weeks. Not sure what I will call it just yet but I’ve got some ideas rattling around.  It’s nearly the end of the Trimester at Uni and I’ve just finished remixing 3 Primitive Classics. I remixed the tracks for my Composition Unit and they sounded so good I thought I’d release them into the wild. 

There is also a never heard before track that will be on the EP. A track I am really excited to share with you all as it is something realllyy different for me. I teamed up with a production dude from Uni and the beats this guy makes are super out there.

Today, I thought I’d take the time to reflect on my 1st Trimester of Uni, the upcoming EP and also just to thank everyone for your support and love. Big ups fam!

Primitive EP

If you don't plug yourself, how you gonna plug others?

I always thought it’d be cool to get a write-up about an upcoming release in a blog like this or music site or something. That’s one of the reasons I like to feature my peeps on here. It’s also a way to give back to the community that has given me so much. So since I am not getting any write-ups elsewhere, I’m going to plug myself lol.

Ok, so the new Primitive EP is going to have 4 tracks. I have remixed Madman, Found in Ash and Friendzone. There’s also an unheard track on a very unique beat on the new Primitive EP. My production teacher is like: 

Keep it simple and just call it The Remixes.

He’s got a point. It’s cool to look back on this last 12 weeks with a sense of pride and just think how much I have accomplished and tried. Before I started this course, I had a feeling that I was running out of time musically. That was real for me. I don’t feel that anymore though and I’m grateful for that.

Look, I don’t wanna share too many ins and outs of the Primitive EP and how the tracks have changed but I will share a cool story about an interesting collab. So there’s this dude at Uni that’s like the Papa Bear of the crew. He knows everyone.

Since it’s finals week at Uni, students from Dance Majors and all sorts have been on campus. People I’ve never seen before and may never see again. So Papa Bear introduced me to this chick who is doing her Masters in classical music and belts out Opera tunes.

So Papa Bear’s like: You 2 should collab.

Shes like yeah I’m down. I’m like okay, well I’m actually remixing a track right now, do you wanna lay something down?

I don’t wanna give too much away, but I can tell you one of the remixes has some dope Opera Vocals in the background.

Take us out Prim

There’s lots happening for Primitive and it’s just a good fucking time to be amongst it. I’ve got my 1st proper gig coming up – which I will share when it’s 100% confirmed. I’ve got a filmclip for Friendzone dropping, the new Primitive EP and I’ve been writing like a Madman to get my debut album off the ground.

Me and my homeboy Supaadry have teamed up and we are releasing our 1st full-length debut album in early 2021. This guy is fire man honestly.

Big ups to everyone who is taking advantage of the Merch Sale and stocking up for Chrissy. And just a big thank you to everyone who reads these blogs, it really means a lot.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

3 thoughts on “Confessions – New Primitive EP!”

  1. Kunal (Platinum Solid)

    “I had a feeling that I was running out of time musically.” What do you mean like writers block? I never got that from you… If I did I’d light a fire under your ass. The tracks you have released are on a professional level.. you’re still developing young Padawan.

    Wow intense… Classical music 🎶 and opera… Love it. Could make your tracks on a biblical level.

    I Platinum Solid bestow you the title of MEME LORD..

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