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Critical travel – The Hip Hop Tour

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This is a travel blog dedicated to the trip of a lifetime. It was the end of 2019 and me and my girl went to the Philippines for the month of December.  I hadn’t had a holiday in over 5 years prior to that trip. Furthermore my last holiday was one of the lowest points of my life.. a gambling addict in Vegas with a credit card is the heartbreaking definition of insanity.

I don’t wanna dwell on negativity though. The point I am trying to make is i was ready for this trip to the Philippines. This is a long overdue blog dedicated to the experience of a lifetime. 

Welcome to Prims Paradise.

we landed in manila

on the 3rd of December and I was immediately blown away by airport staff walking around the airport with automatic shotguns and assault rifles. Not something you really see in Australia.

There was just this feeling like if anything kicked off people would be getting fucked up.
We grabbed a ‘Grab’ – filipino Uber – from the airport to the hotel and the drive there was madness. 

Peak hour in Manilla.

At one point we were gridlocked over a highway and there were people walking in between the vehicles with slabs of water selling individual bottles to the locals and tourists. It was Hot.
The trip took us about an hour and a half to go 10kms. By the end our driver was losing his shit and drove on the sidewalk at one point to get around the people. It was awesome.

We’d made it to our 1st pit stop.


effortless travel

We spent a couple of nights in this luxurious hotel in the city of Makati – Manilas’ Metro hub. I remember one day we went to a day spa and spent 6 hours there and it cost like $50. This place was heaven.

I miss it so much.

After our stint in Makiti we travelled south to the city of Cebu where we stayed for a few days. My girl had made this itenary for us and that went out the window around this time.

We were coming up to around a week on an island paradise and all we’d seen was the city. It was time to get remote. We jumped on a ferry and headed to a small island called Bohol. Clear blue, see-through water like you see in travel adverts. That’s where our holiday really began. 

We were free.


empowered adventure

We stayed in a small village on the water. After dinner at a little restaurant we found on tne waters edge, we met a local tour guide who knew the owners of the restaurant. Synchronicity. Our new friend introduced us to his family and turns out his aunty owned a karaoke machine. Just can’t stay away from the Mic.

The next day we went on a land tour of the island. Our 1st stop was an ATV park. It was the middle of wet season. Those things were fuckin crazy. Muddy and awesome, the ATV experience was next level.



That day is forever etched into my memory. Some of the highlights were holding a 4m long python at an animal park and going on an epic zip line for the 1st time.

The next day saw us on another tour.. this time in the ocean. Our 1st stop was at sunrise watching a school of dolphins on this beautiful clear blue water. It was really like that. My girl experienced snorkelling for the 1st time that and we were swimming with sea turtles.


The next 3 weeks saw us island hopping and really just going wherever sounded the best. We would book hotels in the morning or the night before and just go with the flow. We stayed on a remote island called Apo Island one night that only had electricity for 2 hours a day between 4-6pm. 

That was an adventure.

From deep jungle treks with waterfalls, temples, natural wonders to monkey sanctuaries back to metro cities. It was amazing travel.

Let me just say that the Filipino people are some of the most beautiful, generous and hospitable human beings on the planet. It’s interesting to experience a country without all the creature comforts that I’m used to in Australia, yet the sense of community spirit is dense and rich. Different values I guess. Just goes to show material things aren’t everything right.


mammoth marine

One last experience I want to share is my 1st scuba diving experience ever. We scuba dived with whale sharks. 

Fucking whale sharks.

It was the most breathtaking, incredible, awe-inspiring experience I’ve ever had. They were sooo big! They didn’t even look real, more like movie props. Gliding through the water with something I can only describe as lazy ease; their tails alone were the size of adult humans. It will be hard to top that experience I reckon.


In conclusion I have to say that a month in the Philippines must be experienced is you’re a fan of South-east Asia.. The friendly people, bang for your buck, snorkelling and scuba spots, tours, food – OMG the food – Street bbq everywhere! wanna go back so bad.

Shoutouts to my Filipino brothers and sisters. See you soon I hope.



Until next time, peace fam!

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  1. Lovee this post!!! But I loveee Philippines moreee LOL
    Great read, felt like I was there reliving living the trip. You captured it perfectly. I could easily spend an whole year in Philippines and still have plenty to do and see. The most beautiful country everrr and completely underrated, just like you!:) Keep up the great work your smashing it 🙂

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