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Darcy Doogan Hypnotic

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Welcome to a special guest feature with the deep house DJ phenomenon Darcy Doogan – the artist formally known as M-Doc. I’ve had the pleasure of featuring Darcy in a 2-part blog feature in 2020 and it was absolutely awesome. I had to get him back!

Darcy Doogan and I have always shared a love for hip hop and music in general. He is someone whos opinion matters to me and he is one of the people I run new bars by to see if they’re on the level. If I can get a thumbs up from Darcy, I know the bars are dope.

Maybe the funniest DJ I know, I give you Darcy Doogan.

Darcy Doogan

Thanks for your time bro. What’s been happening since we last spoke?

I became a recording artist and turned 40 (in the same week). It wasn’t a coincidence btw; it was a desperate attempt to kick a goal before the whistle. I’ve been running nights at blue fig bar in Newtown. Had a few false starts but starting to build a following under the banner of Deeper Rhythms. The next one is penciled in for July 22nd. On the bill, we’ve got Ritmiq from House Your Soul and There’s no place like house. Also Jay See from hustle and flow bar and super talented young guy called Reece Connor. 

Recently I joined forces with another deep house obsessive called GenX. We played our first b2b gig a few weeks ago as “D&M” (Darcy and Megan). It went very well. I’m sure you understand the value of collaboration in music. Most DJ’s are their own favourite DJ, so it can be hard to relinquish control after every second track but the results are fantastic. Plus, the gigs aren’t like they were before Covid so it’s great having someone to actually hear me play! We’ll be performing again as D&M on July 25th at Sweethearts rooftop.

Live from Sweethearts Rooftop

Dope. What’s your guilty pleasure song?

I really can’t think of one. I’m sure I have a bunch though. Swing by savage? Or put your hands up for Detroit. Yeah that one’s hard to say lol. I always bang on about how electro ruined house so yeah. It’s def a guilty pleasure ha ha…

Did I ever wanna be a rapper?

I feel like you’ve tailored this specially for me! As you know, I did record one rap song when I was 18. It was called my rap song. It was some silly, braggadocios wannabe thug shit. I just wanted to test my skills. Gotta say, for a debut effort it was alright. No, you can’t publish it! I’m happy to share my first beats but releasing a rap song from a non rapper recorded 20 years ago on a clock radio? Doesn’t sound like a recipe for gold, does it?

Haha probably not. What are your thoughts on new-age hip hop?

You know my view of new age hip-hop bro: FUCK MUMBLE RAP and FUCK AUTO-TUNE!!!!! On the other hand, I don’t mind grime and drill. It’s great to see Sydney and other Aussie rap on the map. People all over the world have been losing their minds to One Four and Chillinit.

When I first saw Chill and Wombat on Big Boy Bars (sorry, I always talk about this) but man… for the first time in my life, I thought to myself: these guys are pushing it harder than anyone else in the world. That’s after loving hip-hop for thirty years. I might be a little biased though as Chill and I are from the same area. 

Again: if you haven’t watched that big boy bars video check it out! It blew my mind.

What do you think of the shift from lyricism to production?

That’s not a new thing. Stretch and Bobbito fell apart over the same issue in the late 90’s. Don’t get me wrong: I fucking cannot stand mumble rap. These dudes wacked out on cough syrup who have no respect for or knowledge of the art of rhyme; calling themselves rock stars instead of rappers.

You’ve gotta laugh or you’ll cry innit. As a DJ, I see no harm in a production focus. You can’t have one without the other but for me: there’s gotta be dope rhymes. I mean, this is a big part of why I barely buy hip-hop these days. If I do, it’s usually from Sydney; pretty much all Aussie. 

It’s a shame that the boom bap sound has died off but it’ll be back; the classics always resurface. Guys like GhostAttacK, Bugsy (Ocampo) and Supadry are keeping it alive. One day they’ll be doin interviews by swimmin pools!

Word. What’s next for Darcy Doogan?

What’s next? Who knows? Megan and I have a gig or two lined up. I’ll keep pushing. I’m gonna get back in the studio soon. I produced the perfect album intro; now i just need to make an album. I need to invest in some new equipment and samples before I complete it. 

Thanks Prim!

Big love to Darcy Doogan for taking the time to share his experience, journey and humour. Was great to catch up. Keep your eyes out and your finger on the pulse for new shit from Darcy Doogan.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boy Prim!

until next time, peace fam!

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