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DJ Yaknow?Check! – Unadulterated

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Welcome to a special guest feature with the one and only Dj Yaknow?Check! 

Yaknow?Check! and I have rocked many a stage over the years in the Sydney Underground and I have to say that the guy is an absolute beast. Anyone that has seen Dj Yaknow?Check rock a set knows that he brings the vibe and gets the crowd rocking.

A vinyl-only Dj, Dj Yaknow?Check! is a purist and one of a dying breed.  Originally from The Czech Republic, Yaknow has stamped his foot of vinyl-only good vibes across Sydney and left the people wanting more.

A man of many talents, it has been a real pleasure to pick his brain and get to know him on a more intimate level.

Big ups bro

Dj Yaknow?Check!

So, tell me about you. 

I am Hip Hop head, MC, vinyl junkie, music lover from the Czech Republic living in Maroubra Beach, Sydney, causing music swells of various genres. 

What got you into hip hop?

Man! Hip Hop swallowed me as a teenager. All that graffiti appearing on the walls around, first Czech rap on the TV, first rhymes sneaking into my head.

Have you always been into music, did you grow up with music in the home?

Yeah man, I think music always made me move and most importantly there was some playing all the time. My father was the reason that I feel the rhythm now because he was a drummer and he collected some records too.

What inspires you?

The inspiration changes over the time but now I see inspiration all around me. The good things and the bad things but true is lately I am trying to spread the good vibes and my inspirations are relationships, distance from my family and friends and homeland and traveling the world as well as some of the values that are overlooked by others. I also learned so much from my travels and it all opened my eyes and mind wider.

DJ Yaknow?Check! Pictured in the middle between Underground legends Bugsy Ocampo and Supaadry

DJ Yaknow?Check!

How about your language? Isn’t it difficult for you to do Czech rap in Australia?

Nah man, the thing is whatever I do I am trying to turn my disadvantage into my advantage and I also think of rap as a universal language because of the flow, delivery and vibe you can feel. You know how it is…just like you listen to some track and you just go with the flow, you can just feel the energy and that is me man.

What does music give you?

That is a good question. Music gave me and is giving me a lot. When I was a kid it gave me lots of fun as a teenager some strength and power and now it also works as a filter to get rid of, or to give or absorb emotions and energy. The more music and genres you listen to the wider is your mind open. Music entertains me, music makes me think, sometimes even makes me cry, music gives me goosebumps and also heals me.

Do you like other genres?

YES, I do! When someone asks me, what is my style as a DJ I like to say “heavy-beated music with heart and soul”. You know, it’s something about the song that you feel, it could be a sample used in it, it could be the beat or the baseline or the colour of the voice, the delivery or the overall atmosphere of the piece. Anything that appeals to me really.

Yaknow?Check! Uncensored

Why vinyl only? 

I have no idea…but it is what it is and it’s been like that since I got my first record around 2000 (Dizzastarr – Budvárek a Joint). Well, I was always surrounded by records because of my father and his little collection and of course I was going through his stacks as a kid. I started with some fairy tales then went for some of the funny songs and ended up stealing all his Black Music (Aretha, Stevie, The Temptations) just because I knew he’s more into other genres and I did feel the soul so much.

For those they don’t know you…what are your latest releases?

My latest tracks were released on Rah! Records (Sydney, Australia) and Backdrop Records (Czech Republic). 

YaKnow?Check! x Masta Marx – On the Run produced by Supaadry and Threatnique

YaKnow?Check! – Alchemists (Escape from the City of Steel)

YaKnow?Check! x Mighty Ash x Transform the MC Legend Element produced by Stray Side/Stray Side Remix)

Transform the MC x YaKnow?Check! x BCC – Raw Forever/Rap Forever (7” vinyl)

I keep recording vinyl only mixes of all styles for various projects, radio shows and programs worldwide. Some of the highlights would be:

All that Jazz for Tropistories (YouTube)

J-Dilla Tribute live on Hardcore Classic (

Black Live Matter (YouTube)

Special 45s Set for Therapists on the Mix (Mixcloud)

Yaknow?Check! Pictured with the Godfather GhostAttack

Funniest gig?

Ouch! Well, there’s quite a few of them because me and my crew used to perform quite a lot back in the days but the one we got invited over to perform in town 70km away (maps say 50min. drive) is one to remember. We arrived there and went straight to the stage and were like “how about decks?” and boys were like “you brought them right?”, “nah man, no one said anything about bringing our decks over” I said. So, we jumped in the car and went for a race to my place and back in like an hour. I thought we were flying man.

Any tips for up comers? 

Yeah, don’t do anything just because it looks cool, that is not cool. Be YOU! Spread the good vibes.

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Up to date information and hot stuff

Vinyl only DJ mixes:

Videos and some raps:

Massive thanx to everyone who gave me a chance and who keeps an eye on what I do worldwide. You know who you are. Love & Respekt.

Much love Yaknow?Check! for sharing so much love and positive vibes with us. What a legend.

I look forward to the days when we rock stages together again. It’s been too long my friend.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim! 

Until next time, peace fam!

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