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Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game!

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When people ask me what I do to relax, I tell them game. Actually I tell them more than that but gaming is always in the list. 

I just finished playing The Last of Us games for the 1st time over a 3 week period. I had the privilege of experiencing the story the whole way through. Shout outs to my boi Kunal for my birthday present! 

This blog I’m going to change it up a bit and devote a blog entirely to my love of gaming and PlayStation 4.. with a focus on The last of us. (Spoiler free)

For all my gamers out there, enjoy!



I said to my partner recently:

“Babe, if I had to choose you or PlayStation for the rest of my life, I would choose you” 

“Awww, that’s so sweet!”

Angel knows how much I love PlayStation and how much of a big deal it was to say that.

We’ve all got our vices, right? Gaming for me is the ultimate escapism. For me it’s the equivalent of a good book or good movie. The immersion, characters, story. excitement, tension.. it’s all good stuff.

After a hard day at work, nothing beats some mindless action on the gaming console. The same can be said for me in respect to a good movie or book.

Just relax bro.



lifetime game

Ok, so to be honest I played The Last of us when I was in addiction and never finished it. No regrets as I had the pleasure of experiencing both games back to back in 2020. They are masterpieces.

From the Powerhouse studio that brought us Uncharted, Naughty Dog have created a harrowing tale of despair and desperation set in a post-pandemic, post-apocalyptic world. Very fitting for these times right. 

The last of us has been compared to Cormac McCarthy’s haunting tale ‘The Road’ and also with ‘The Walking Dead.’ I remember watching The Walking Dead when it 1st came out and The Last of Us certainly feels like playing the 1st season.

The world of The Last of Us is baron, dangerous and hostile. You need to scavenge what you can to craft items and survive. It seems that everything is trying to kill you. There are some seriously creepy, intense moments in the game.

It’s not just the world though. The story is seriously gripping. From start to finish. These games are nothing short of amazing.


As resources are so scarce, each enemy encounter boils down to tactics, stealth or just all out guerilla warfare. The combat is frantic and desperate.

Many times throughout the game I was jumping out of my chair screaming. It is so immersive and intense with true jump-scare moments.

The story is gripping. The gameplay is immersive and intense. The graphics are stunning. Never have I been so immersed in gaming like I have with this series. It really felt like playing a movie.

If anyone reading this hasn’t played these games yet, go now. I strongly urge you to experience it for yourself. There is nothing quite like it. For me anyway. It’s no wonder the games have been reviewed with 10/10.

The Last of us games have set a benchmark in gaming.


It’s safe to say that I love games. When I was growing up, we had a computer as Mum was against consoles. I remember me and my brother used to play Doom on the PC.. how far everything has advanced.

It’s funny when people say my music is a hobby.. Music is my passion – I tell them – and gaming is a hobby.

Please go and play The Last of Us. All the rumors are true: 

It really is that good.

until next time, peace fam!

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