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Dynamic Diploma

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For me, life is about taking chances. Growth always happens when comfort zones are broken. This week, I have made the decision to withdraw from studying a Bachelor of Music at Uni. Don’t worry, I am not leaving empty-handed: I am leaving with a Diploma! 

It was not an easy decision.. but I feel it was the right one. A huge factor of the decision was financial. Although I am not paying for the course up front, I do rack up $9000 per trimester in student loan debt. It’s a lot. Especially for what has become an online course. 

So here’s to the next chapter in my journey. Much love, Prim.


Prims Trims is being undertaken full-time. It feels weird not being a student anymore. I am already looking back on my days as a student with a melancholy sense of nostalgia. In saying that, a lot of my time at Uni I thought I wasn’t learning anything useful lol. 

I guess being a rapper is a pretty niche thing. Any original artist playing their own music is a niche thing i spose. Rappers don’t do covers though. It’s weird. Nearly every band I’ve ever seen live has thrown a cover or 2 in their set.

Not rappers though. A remix is probably the closest I’ve seen.

Badass Diploma

This not the end of my education though. I am making a custom course for myself; cherry picking all the parts of the Uni course that I feel will actually help me. One dope thing I learned last Tri was how to make boom bap drum loops.. and probably more importantly: how to make beats.

I have made 2 whole songs from the ground up in the last 6 weeks and am looking at releasing a self-produced Ep in the coming months.

Part of my custom course will be to keep working with the producer from Uni on a one-on-one basis. The dude is a legend and I’ve learnt so much from him. He is a drummer so it’s cool to make drum loops with him.

Another part of my course will be to work with a piano player so my beats can have more complex chord progressions. I will work with a vocal development coach too and perhaps do like a music business or marketing course. 

I am stoked that I’m not leaving empty-handed from Uni. It’s the question though right, what does the diploma actually do for me? 

Furthermore, if I stayed to complete my Bachelor, what would that actually do for me? Apart from student debt of course.

No regrets though. It’s all quite unbelievable to think where I am to where I was a year ago. I am a small business owner now after all!  If you told me a year ago when I left Hyundai that I would end up driving Hilux working for myself, I would’ve told you you were crazy.. partially because I didn’t drive then haha.

That’s the thing though right, you never know where you will end up when you take chances. But you always know where you’ll end up if you stay where you are.

Anyway. enough philosophy. Suffice to say that I am stoked for the next chapter. The passion is always with the music, even if the path to reach my goals doesn’t go exactly where I think it should.

Perhaps I will scale my business and make an empire through Prims Trims while making music. Perhaps not. As long as I am creating music and getting it out there, I will keep moving forward.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boy Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!


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