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Epic 5 Year Plan – Sell a Million Records

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I have a 5 year plan to sell a million records. It’s a new plan and obviously a massive goal. I have to go for it. Like my Aunty said to me one day:

“If you don’t follow your dreams, who will?”

I never thought I’d be one to set a 5 year plan. It wasn’t so long ago I thought 30 was old and I’d have all the material things I wanted by my late 20’s. 

We were watching this doco the other night about The Law of Attraction and it was pretty powerful stuff. So I need to put it out there. Affirm and work for my goals.

Welcome to Prims 1st Million.

5 year plan

So I’ve been getting into this dude lately named Jordan Peterson. Watching his many lectures online and listening to what he has to say. Angel bought me his book 12 Rules for Life for an early Christmas present. What I’m hearing from all his content is something like this:

Suffering is an inevitable part of life for everyone. We will all experience tragedy in our lives. The way to combat that suffering and not become bitter is to have a deeply meaningful life. Keep striving for the best and take personal responsibility. The more responsibility you take on, the more meaning your life has. Things could be a hell of a lot worse. It starts with cleaning your room. Don’t criticize others unless your house is in order.

Something like that anyway. It goes way deeper and the dude is a bit of a genius. He is a clinical phycologist and professor of psychology.

Anyway another thing he says is 3-5 year goals are awesome but anything beyond is too far in the future. So like a 20 year goal is just too far away. Too many uncertainties. Anything can happen right.

Goals AF

Anyway back to me. I went and did a merch delivery run recently and caught up with my homie Bugsy. For those that don’t know, Bugsy is a dope producer who has that fire. He recently released an album with the one and only Mighty Ash called Escape From the City of Steel. It’s an absolute banger and I can’t wait for my vinyl copy.

Bugsy and I were talking music – naturally – and I was telling him about my Degree I’m doing at Uni and how I’m thinking of putting together a rap lesson package. He asked me if that was my goal, to become a teacher. I responded that my goal is to rock stadium shows and that is still my hope.

I think I’ve lost sight of that a bit this year. It could be the lack of gigs, less time on the mic and sort of forgetting that rush. I don’t know. It’s  been a strange year for all of us. What an opportunity to double down on my new 5 year plan to sell a million records though.


5 year plan

I was showing a friend my music the other day and gave him a sticker and all that sort of stuff. He listened to Madman and said he liked the storytelling. This guy works in marketing and inevitably the conversation steered in that direction. He’s like:

“You need to get to a ‘crisis tipping point’ at your gigs and then your music will get out there.”

“What’s that?” I replied.

“It’s when there are a certain number of people at one of your shows and then they tell their friends and post on socials and it starts spreading.”

“How do I get the people in to get to this point though?”

“You pay them.” 

So that was the end of that friendship. Jokes. I guess he has a point but I do feel a resistance to pay people to come to my gigs. I think I would rather hire a manager to get me gigs and pay them a commission. 

It’s all food for thought. One thing I know for sure is that I have a 5 year plan to sell a million records. I’m excited. Who knows what the future holds and where the music will take me. I have purpose, focus, drive and passion on my side though.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

3 thoughts on “Epic 5 Year Plan – Sell a Million Records”

  1. Kunal (Platinum Solid)

    Paying people to show up at gigs… I don’t know Bro.

    Prims Million sounds like an amazing goal… Future is going to be wonderful for you Bro. Now you got your eyes on the prize.

    Really impressed with the positive power plays you’re making. The Law of attraction.. allows the universe to give you what you demand and earn for/ strive for.

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