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Golf – a Primitive Challenge

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Some of you may not know this about me, but I have a deep love for the game of golf. When I was in my teens I was a member of a course on the Gold Coast and played weekly on Saturdays.

I saw a good friends FB Story recently of him on a beautiful golf course and I felt like I was longing for a game. 2 weeks later I am set to go with a set of clubs, balls, tees, shoes and a glove. Thank you Gumtree.

This blog I thought I would share a little more of my story, some funny moments and invite anyone who’s keen for a round of golf!


So I bought a set of clubs, bag, glove, shoes and 50 balls for $95. The golf paraphernalia saw me travelling around Sydney on my bargain bonanza. I went to the driving range to test out the apparatus and I can proudly say they work.

Buying these clubs has given me a massive sense of nostalgia. I used to play golf with my Stepdad and I remember he had these custom made PowerBilt clubs made for him. We were playing a round together and while we were waiting to tee off on the 1st hole, I had a practice swing of one of his drivers on the concrete.. it was the 1st time he had ever used the clubs.

No doubt some sparks flew – literally – and his driver had a chip out of the head. I don’t think he ever forgave me.

Golf.. a game or a sport?

In all seriousness I’ve never been a good player. I do enjoy the game though. When I was growing up, a bunch of us from school would go and play and be idiots. Especially with the golf buggies. 

Like I said, I used to be a member of one particular club and would play every Saturday. I was getting into drugs around the same time at the age of 13/14. I was always thinking of schemes to get money to get on and one day I had the great idea of skipping my golf game and keeping the money.

My Stepdad dropped me off at the course and instead of going in I walked around 2kms to some bushland to hide out in. I waited there for like 3 hours before going home… maybe that’s why I’m not so good at golf.

I remember playing a round with my Pop when I was a kid. He let me drive the golf buggy and as we approached a narrow bridge at full speed around a corner, the buggy lifted onto 2 wheels and we nearly went over the edge into a creek with some nasty rocks. He didn’t let me drive after that.

Another time I was playing with some friends and we were teeing up at this hole. He hit the ball and I bent down to tee up but he wasn’t finished some after swings or some shit and I got collected by this swinging club. Right on the back of the head.

Blood was coming out pretty rapidly and one of the guys ran back to the clubhouse for help. Back in the days before phones.. anyway the guy that had swung the club had a thing about blood and he fainted. By the time the help arrived, they went to the fainted guy on the ground to help him.

Golf has gotta be one of my 1st loves. It’s a game that challenges you, can be intensely personal and social at the same time. It is a game of evolution that requires constant updating.

Big shoutout to my Aunty Janice who kept my clubs from when I was a kid and cleaned them up for me last time we saw her.

Anyone who’s keen on a round or just to smash some balls at the driving range, hit me up!

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

4 thoughts on “Golf – a Primitive Challenge”

  1. Good story Pete. Hiding for 3 hours lol! Lucky for you they don’t stop anyone from entering the golf clubhouse 😉 So I presume you have a handicap? Agree it is an all round game. I have to say I do miss it.

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