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Hip Hop Blog – The Bottom Line

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This hip hop blog is dedicated to hip hop blogs. Well blogs in general really. My girlfriend was coming up with blog ideas and wrote down :

Blog about blogs.

Simple and genius. Most genius things are simple though right?

My blog gives me a medium to share parts of myself, glimpses of my life, experiences that have shaped me and, of course: hip hop. It also provides a platform for the Sydney hip hop community. I love featuring artists, DJ’s, rappers, bands, radio presenters and everything in between.

So sit back, kick it, this is Prim at his peak.


Hip hop blog

Hip Hop Blog.. about blogs

When a web developer 1st created my website he suggested that I upload 2-3 blogs a week using different keywords for SEO. At the time I had no idea what any of it meant. So I wrote my 1st blog back in April 2020 and he uploaded it to the site. He sent me a video showing me how he had done it.

The formula stuck after I practiced it a few times and I create blogs in the same way that video showed me. My site is a WordPress site. Basically it’s one of these drag and drop bad boys that is super user-friendly. It’s been a massive learning curve learning about SEO and keywords but it’s become a ritual with these blogs and I’m grateful I’ve learnt the basics.

Anyway, back to the web developer with the 2-3 blogs a week. He reckons he had a grand plan with the consistency of the blogs.. unfortunately we had a falling out so I never did discover the master plan, but I have uploaded 2 blogs a week on average for past 4 months.. 

rap blog

So when I started created this blog, my mentality was to share Primitive with everyone. My journey as a hip hop artist from the 1st gigs, weirdest gigs, fuck ups on stage, the origins of the name Primitive, my 1st experience in the studio, 1st film clip etc. etc. 

I guess it’s still the same in a lot of ways and I love sharing different experiences I’ve had in my life as a rapper. One thing that has changed though is that it’s gotten quite personal for me. I like to share parts of myself as a person and not just as Primitive the rapper. 

*Yes I’m aware we are the same person*

Rap blog

Another cool thing about this platform is I can give back to hip hop. I can share my experiences to the up and comer and provide insights into the basics of writing bars and structuring songs. In the process of sharing knowledge, it reinforces the knowledge. Something like that.

This hip hop blog is also a place to feature artists I admire and respect. It’s dope as the blog can be used to provide knowledge to the community from hip hop producers, not just rappers. I always find it interesting to hear about other peoples creative processes and how they differ so much from my own.

Lately I’ve been listening to lo-fi hip hop playlists when I blog or jot down bars and I found that really beneficial. Each to their own though right.


This blog is a place to channel my creativity, humour, energy, experiences and knowledge. It’s become more than just a place to write about Primitive and my experiences as a rapper.

I need to keep this hip hop blog fresh by coming up with new topics, featuring cool artists and giving back to the community as much as I can. I have always been a bit of an over sharer so I have to be careful not to give everything to everyone on these blogs. Once it’s out there’s no going back. 

These twice a week hip hop blog experiences give me an opportunity to check in and connect with myself. It’s quite cathartic. 

As always thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim. Next blog we have a very special feature guest.

Until next time, peace fam!

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