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Humility and Hip Hop Beats with Bugsy

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When it comes to hip hop beats in the S-Y-D not many lay it down better than a producer by the name of Bugsy. A dope producer with a shitload of skill; what makes Bugsy even more likable is he’s a super humble cat. 

The feedback received from a recent blog focusing on making hip hop beats with a dope producer by the name of GhostAttack was so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to feature another producer and pick his brain about his process behind beat production.

Really enjoyed this one. Big ups Bugsy!

hip hop beats

what influences you to create hip hop beats

“I love listening to music under any genre, but I mostly gravitate more towards soul, funk, jazz and
blues. So mostly, my drive would be to create songs that fuel emotion and end up with a track that
inspires people. the same way that the songs I listen to religiously did for me.”

What got you into beat making?

I grew up in an era where Dj’s and Turntablists blew up. Originally, I just wanted to own a set of
decks and learn how to scratch.
But they were hard to come by in my city (Baguio, Philippines) – so instead, my passion for music got me playing instruments with different bands and genres. At one point I was playing bass for a SKA cover band while also playing guitar for a Metal-Core band. It wasn’t until I met a few people that had the same interest in Hip Hop as me that my interest piqued again.”

Hip hop beats

"they were into all of it:

 turntablism, rapping and beat making. 

I remember the sampler they were using –  A Roland SP 404

The ability to be able to play and shape any sound you put in it was what got my attention, that’s when I started creating beats.”

Dope. What drives you?

“My inspiration stems from my love for music. I like how it can easily influence your mood and at
the same time inspire people with life lessons. I have always been creative. If it weren’t for my Mom
pushing me to play an instrument, I’d probably be doing something else.”

Hip hop beats

What's your creative process?

“My creative process varies, the important part for me is for the music to come out naturally, as
opposed to forcing myself to create. That way I know that the emotion is genuine. It makes it
easier to decide on sounds, samples and the direction it is going in. Most of the time I start with a sample and chop it up until I get a loop going. From there I add drums and bass. Once I have that foundation, I can start arranging it and add more instruments – keeping in mind the feeling that I am going for.”

Do you have ideal conditions you like to create in?

“I always liked creating in a dark or dimly lit room alone. It just helps to gather my thoughts when creating and that whatever material I come up with genuinely represents me.”

hip hop beats

Big shoutout to my boi Bugsy for taking the time to give some awesome insight in his process behind creating dope hip hop beats. The creative process is subjective and like we’ve discussed before:  there is no one way to write.. and no right way to write. Do whatever works for you. I think the main thing is to keep creating!

Music is an individual, personal thing. It means different things to different people and I believe music to be one of the most powerful forces in the universe. 

As always thanks for reading and rocking with ya boi Prim!

until next time, peace fam!

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