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Lighthearted Prim’s Fails 2021

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I thought I’d do something a little different today and share a couple of Prim’s fails so far in 2021.

For me, I can definitely take myself too seriously from time to time – especially when it comes to the music. Usually when things are getting a bit serious, something humbling happens and I either have to sit back and laugh or have a pity party for Prim.. usually a little of both. Or a lot of one.

I think these humbling/humiliating experiences are the Universe’s way of telling me to hold the fuck up, take a deep breath, and reset.

Without further ado, welcome to Prim’s fails of 2021.

Prim's fails

Prim's fails

Ok so this one is pretty funny I have to say. As most of you know I run a gardening side hustle unofficially called Prims Trims – thanks BC. I was doing a lawn in Silverwater a few months back and it was a kind of lawn that needed to be whipper snipped before it could be mowed. In other words this place was a jungle.

I had purchased a 2nd hand Rok whipper snipper from my old friend Gumtree in the weeks leading up to the bush bash and I was ready to go. 

So I get to the job and head out the back to get stuck in. After about 10 minutes of primal-rage slashing, the snipper stops dead in my hands. I look down like to see whats happened and notice that the engine is about half the size of when I started.

I’m like what the actual fuck.

I scope the surrounding grassland for any clues as to where the rest of the engine is, and laying in a small clearing on top of some long grass is the fuel tank.  

Needless to say the thing was inoperable. After some failed attempts at reconnecting the fuel lines and holding them in place with one hand while I operated the throttle with the other and spilling copious amounts of fuel all over the grass.. I laid the Rok to rest and started with the mower.

The grass was so long that the mower would cut off so very frequently .. it was a long job.

Don't look back

Today I had my 1st crash on my Moped. It was in the garage of the unit complex we are living in. It was this morning before Uni and I was running a little late, little stressed, all that shit.

Anyway, I rode around the incline ramp and gave it too much throttle accelerating around the corner and my 150cc beast slid out from under me. Don’t worry, I wasn’t hurt. The bike though suffered some damage to the drivers side mirror. The mirror is loose now and will not hold its position to see traffic behind me.

So I was riding down Victoria Road and came to a set of red lights and decided it was the perfect opportunity to see if I could tighten the mirror. After a few turns, the mirror fell off on the road. I was seriously temped to just leave it there. It was my fault, obviously, as I was turning the mirror the wrong way.

This all happened outside of a Hyundai dealership in peak hour traffic. I guess there’s a joke here.

I think the morals of the story are, don’t buy a Rok whipper snipper off Gumtree and pay attention to the road while you are riding a moped. Pretty obvious stuff I spose. The good thing is the only thing that was hurt was my pride.. and a mirror and a fuel tank.

Thanks for your time.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

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