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MC Wormie: Effortless Charm

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What up fam welcome to very special feature with ya favourite bogan MC Wormie! Wormie has labeled himself ‘The Bogan’ and the legend certainly does the title justice.

I met MC Wormie through the Godfather GhostAttack a few years ago and Wormie invited me on his radio show for an interview. MC Wormie has got to be one of the biggest characters I know and the homie can spit!

Wormie and his awesome partner in crime DJ LuLu run charity events and fundraisers all the time to support a diverse range of charities. One of my favourite memories of MC Wormie was a paintball fundraiser a couple of years back.

An extremely funny man with a heart of gold, I give you MC Wormie.

MC Wormie
MC Wormie and DJ LuLu

How long have you been making music & performing?

I’ve been making music since I was a lil kid, the first time I picked up a guitar as a seven year old I thought I was a Superstar playing on one string.
It would have been a couple of weeks later I learnt a song that my old girl taught me. I still remember it till this day.
I have always had a good singing voice and was never afraid to get up n’ belt a song or two out at family gatherings or parties, I enjoy singing.

I learnt to beatbox when I was 11. I was really intrigued with it so once I learnt the basics of how to do it you just couldn’t shut me up. I annoyed so many people beatboxing.
I would have been 17 when I got my first drum kit, because of beatboxing I picked it up pretty easy and joined my first band, we were a punk/scar band called Mellow Cigar. Some wild stories there.

I would have been 19 when I found a passion for freestyle rap, I was always quick witted and a bit of a smartass so it blended in pretty well together.
I was in my mid 20’s when I started creating beats of my own and doing live shows freestyling to beats mixed by Alex is Madd. Alexis has truly been a great support to me throughout my career.
I had my first experience working on radio in my late 20’s but didn’t develop a passion for it until 2016 when I started a breakfast radio show with my wife DJLuLu.

It’s something we both enjoy plus she’s my best friend and who doesn’t like working with their friends?
The last year I have become a part of the commentary team for a mob called Suplex Professional Wrestling which is pretty cool.

MC Wormie - Unfiltered

What inspires you?
It has to be everything about the reaction in the moment for me.
No Matter what I am doing: whether it’s singing at karaoke, freestyling on a Rock The Block, presenting on a breakfast radio show or fighting in a charity fight, it’s all about the reaction for me. I always look out for it that’s what makes me want to keep doing it.

Although, looking for a reaction in the moment while doing karaoke or freestyling is ok it’s not so much while you in the middle of a charity fight, I’m thankful the opponent was one of my good mates.
Haha dope! What does music give you?
My motto is “music is what I am, everything else is what I do”
I really couldn’t imagine a life with out music. Pretty sure with every emotion we have their would be a song that could go to it.
Who are you listening to these days?
I support Australian music so when it comes to hip hop. Anyone from Rah Records would be my number one answer, I really enjoy the music from their selection of artists there is so much diversity they offer.
When it comes to dance music or DJ mixes I’m always playing anything from Alex is Madd. I been a fan since the early 2000’s. I can guarantee at every party I’ve thrown I’ve played a Alex is Madd mix.
And I love old Aussie rock music it’s pretty much every day music to me you’ll always hear me playing it and singing along.
Awesome. What do you write about?
When I was younger I use to write party tracks cos it was the way I was living. But over the last few years I am settling into songs that have meaning and purpose cos I feel the song sounds better when it comes from the heart.
But to be honest though, I find it tough to write as I am a freestyle artist.
I always have been it’s probably why I love to entertain.

The next Chapter

What’s next for you?
I truly don’t have a clue I have started that many projects and brought plenty of ideas to life but I am a really lazy artist and always have trouble finishing projects.
But 2021 is the year I am making the change.
I am currently working on a few tracks with my wife DJLuLu who has created some really good beats to fit a few songs from the heart I have been working on.
I know the legend himself everlast nah jokes GhostAttack wants to collaborate with me and we know when he wants something done it gets done so look out for that this year.
The Lulu, Wormie & Wilso charity fundraiser team will be doing a fancy dress charity bicycle ride this year.
I’ll be on commentary at every Suplex Professional Wrestling events in 2021.
And sometime this year I am hoping to launch Street Movement Radio, so lots of things to come in 2021.
Haha Ghost will love that! Funniest moments?
Where do I start lol.

So as I said when I was younger I was in a band called Mellow Cigar. We were doing a lot of house parties when we learnt a few covers n’ made a few songs. It was good until we decided that we should sell the drumkit for some weed and I could just beatbox the drums.
Worst idea ever!!!
It is possible to beatbox Punk/Scar but after 2 songs its pretty annoying.. we didn’t get far doing this.
I always think of this and laugh!!

Big ups for MC Wormie for taking the time to share with such detail and humour! I found that feature super engaging and fun.

MC Wormie is an absolute legend and I’m already looking forward to the next feature with him.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim! 

Until next time, Peace fam!


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