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Music College – A Primitive destiny

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So I’ve hit 32 and also got accepted into music college! I haven’t announced the positive news through my network yet as I am not sure what will happen with my current working situation. 

But fuck it. 

I’m stoked and need to share the awesome news. Ya boi Prim is going to music school!

As a high school dropout, this is something I never thought I would undertake. I had the audition on the Monday that just went by.

Let me tell you about it.

Music college

Academy Of Music And Performing Arts

The music college is called AMPA and I have been offered a place to complete an ‘Associate Degree of Music (Performance)’

The audition was Monday 10am and I made my entrance by going through the wrong entrance and knocking on the Deans door whilst he was meeting with the CEO.

Smooth Prim.

After that it was much better although It was such a strange audition. It was just me and the Dean in a room on swivel chairs staring into each others eyes while I performed Bound by War and Friendzone live. It wasn’t that bad it was just surreal.

The Dean loved it. He spoke the language, was on the level and immediately I knew he was passionate.

He had checked out some of my stuff online leading up to the audition and he told me he liked what I was doing and what he wanted for me through the course was this:

“We leave Primitive alone. Let him continue doing what he’s doing. What I want for you is for you to learn how to make your own music, beats, record vocals, read and write music and basically develop you as an artist so you can add to what you’re already doing. We don’t change anything you’re doing. We add to it.”

Music college

Music college..

The Dean went on to say that he liked my sound. He said he thought my music and persona were authentic and mature and he liked the fact that I didn’t rely on gimmicks like wanna-be Gangtsa rap and putting on an American accent.

I like the Dean.

The more I think about this course and what it means for me and what I want from it; the more I think that I need to commit to it full-time. Full-time at the music college would mean 2 half days and a full day, although most people just make it 3 full days. Makes sense.

Part-time is 1 full day..

I currently work in a highly stressful, mentally-draining corporate role. The idea of leaving my job and going to be a full-time student and do something I love and am passionate about, is very sexy. Also the fact that I would be giving 100% mental focus to my passion is appealing.

Either way the course starts in 6 weeks.

Music College

It’s a lot to think about. 

The course is 4 trimesters – around 18 months long. Part of the course is collaborating with other students and trying new ideas on a weekly basis at the music college.

This would see me collaborating in live bands and pushing comfort zones. Learning to sing. Possibly learning to play an instrument.

Truth be known: It sounds like an oasis.


Music College

Like I said:

I never thought I’d apply for college, much less be accepted into one. I left school in grade 9. 

I have touched on it before in these blogs : I’m at this point in my life where I find myself working in these shit jobs and I’m like : 

‘Yeah it’s comfortable and I get benefits.. but I’m not happy’

I have an opportunity to pursue my passion. And I’m gonna fuckin take it.

until next time, peace fam!

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