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NINA – Spell-binding Spoken Word

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Today my special guest feature is the spoken word queen NINA. I 1st met NINA a few years ago performing deep, vulvnerable poetry at an event I used to frequent called Spoken Vibes. Big ups Vibes crew! 

NINA’s material has always been raw, honest and insightful. I personally love poetry like that. Her work is unflinching in its honesty and she is not afraid to bare her soul on the page, and furthermore on the stage.

Big love for the homegirl NINA who has taken some time to share her journey, creative process and life experiences.



How long have you been making music/creating? 

I started off my musical journey as an instrumentalist. I love instruments and used my favourite instrument – my body – as the sound-maker!! This was before I could talk or walk. Even when I was in my mother’s belly! Our bodies emit a vibration too. That vibe is called energy. Our Heartbeats are the rhythm of life. Since early childhood I loved creating.

I started taking music seriously around 21 or 22 years and began attending events and collaborating within the creative community. Including Spoken Vibes @ Lewisham Hotel, Rock the Block @ Hustle and Flow Bar, Sappho Lounge, Blue Fig Bar, FDK Entertainment, Bars 02, EORA Community, Rah! Records, Redfern Community Centre, Foundry 616, Badgirl Garden @ Slyfox, the OLC in Woolloomooloo. In these places I met brothers, sisters and awesome folks who inspire me in so many creative ways. 

What’s your ideal creative environment? 

I LOVE this Question!

The creative space/environment I’m in is such a big key to establishing ambience and flow. To feel into the moment… atmosphere is a crucial part of the creative vibe. It can be specific, or it can be vague. Like an empty venue or vast desert.  So although I haven’t found my specific creative environment, I thoroughly enjoy creating in different environments, collaborative scenes and scenery. It gives new inspiration and a fresh perspective. 

NINA, Radiant

What inspires you? 

I am inspired by Real Life. I am inspired by both the seen and the unseen. I am inspired by emotions, Nature, intimacy, truth, creativity/music/poetry, vulnerability, kindness, wisdom, friends, family, children, (people), places, food, Spirit, Soul dancing, and dreaming…… and the unmanifested! 

Did you grow up with music in your home? 

100%. Music is a big part of my family, home-life and extended culture. I grew up hearing diverse and universal range of genres and influenced by some of the greats. Also, my family loves and enjoys dancing too. So, growing up with music was with dancing, singing, and more. Going into depths of our music experience, it is part of what makes it fun and memorable, as well as helping us get through tough times.

Who are you listening to these days? 

These days I listen to just about everything and give different genres and artists a chance. I realise I have become more open-minded with music since I started to make it. Sometimes I find myself being drawn to music that matches my mood, or the mood I want to be in. If that makes sense… sometimes it could be soul, jazz, or blues, other times it could be hip hop, alternative, deep house or a mixture of them all! You can be rooted in one, but Why limit yourself to just one style? I appreciate music for all its diversity and layers.

What does music give you? 

Connection, collaboration, energy and emotional regulation. I feel it is also a wonderful way to enjoy travelling time. 😀 

What do you write about?

Experiences. Emotions. Everything.

Dope pic from the Mecca of Rhyme Hustle and Flow Bar in Redfern

What’s next for you? 

I completed Cert 3 in Music at Eora college Redfern last year and am currently collaborating with the Ozanam Learning Centre. Introducing Zig Zag Harmony. Zig Zag Harmony is a community-initiated band, made up of a collection of musicians and artists from all walks of life. We have come together recently and are having our first gig together on April 23rd, at the OLC Woolloomooloo. There I have been able to sing/work with Abby Dobson (from Leonardo’s Bride), and alongside a bunch of other talented musos, including one of my music mentors, Omar.

I hope to continue to branch out and collaborate with my creative peers. I’m also holding a Freestyle Dance Workshop (with “Movement Mob 2021” on FB) & a Breath Workshop – all free to join. I love to be involved and encourage individuals and community members to get in touch with their creative abilities.

The last songs I created were made many moons ago. I ‘ve been interested in creating an EP, and not sure how to home-in all my content, lots to learn. I’d say my focus ATM is being involved with community and help us all to keep creating through the changing times. Even in the simplest of ways… writing a line, singing in the shower or car, sharing a short story or poem with a friend or family member. The beauty in creating comes with a whole range of ugly parts too. Let’s dare to step further from our comfort zones!

Yearning to share more of my life experiences through music and art and bring more of this artistry out there. I value the importance of just enjoying the journey and ongoing process. Feel free to contact me, or Primitive, or the services listed for ANY inquiries or feedback.


Northside Radio with Mark Marsel at the Radio Cartel

Big ups to NINA for taking the time to share in such detail. I really appreciate people taking time out of their day to share in such depth. You can catch her around Sydney City at hip hop events, spoken word events and anywhere with good vibes. 

Shoutout to everyone supporting the journey that is Primitive.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi!

Until next time, peace fam!

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