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Olly Stern – Seriously Just Arrived

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Olly Stern is someone that I’ve met quite recently through my my new journey through Uni. Olly is an old soul. Someone you meet and like straight away. Someone you feel comfortable around immediately. 

Olly came over from England specifically to study a music course as AMPA…. in the middle of lockdown. I think because his mum is from Australia or something like that. He could be here illegally I’m not sure.. #dadjoke #legal..

Anyway, Olly is a passionate powerhouse singer with a voice that grips and squeezes your soul. When he sings it really moves you. More than just another Englishman in Australia, I give you Olly Stern.

Big ups bro.

Olly Stern

How did you 1st get into music

“Its been a strange journey to get where I am now. I’ve always had a desire to pursue music and I guess that initial passion started when I played a couple of different instruments at school. That first got me into music but I was the classic ‘bedroom singer.’ 

I didn’t take vocal lessons until I had my first one a couple of months ago, which was an eye opening experience.

I got a few compliments from friends so I started to teach myself the guitar and then started writing music at around 18 and through a round a bout way via a few years in an office I’ve now landed in Australia solely for the music.”

Olly Stern - jumpstart

“England has been home for the past 26 years but out in Sydney I really feel like a musician.

“Australia has had a strong influence on my musical journey. I remember dragging my guitar up the east coast 8 years ago and busking with my brother to get a bit of money for that evening’s supply of goon.

That was when I fell in love with busking. The different people you meet, the other musicians you encounter and that little bit of joy you might be able to give to that person walking by as you
belt out another verse of John Denver.”

Dope! What’s your music like now?

“I am a singer/songwriter, I like to try and tell a story with all of my songs. That’s the best way I find
to get my songs’ message across. I’ve been influenced by bands and artists like Billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel John Denver, Linkin Park and loads more.
My mum and I are big Billy Joel fans so I’ll have to credit that one to her. I really want to bring a smile to everyone’s face with my music.
There’s so much negativity and pressure nowadays, sometimes all you need is a good bit of new music or having a busker playing your favourite song to make your day.”

Live action of the legendary entertainer

Olly Stern, where can people find you?

“I’m busking around Sydney at the moment so anytime you want to see an Englishman burning in the Sydney sunshine you can usually find me down by Circular Quay or find me @olssternmusic on Instagram or Facebook.

Big shoutout of course to Primitive, absolute legend and making some unreal music.”

Big ups to Olly for taking the time to share his journey with us. He is a lot of fun to go busking with so just wanted to say thanks for busking with me bro.

On a side note, we shot the filmclips for Found in ash and Friendzone yesterday so keep your vision holes peeled for the goodness dropping very soon. I know it’s been a minute since I released anything so thank you for your patience and as always:

Thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

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