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Oz Hip Hop – Conclusive Hustle

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When people ask me how much time and money I have invested into my craft in Oz Hip Hop and I answer them honestly, they are generally pretty shocked. These people usually aren’t musicians though.. or creative people. They are generally the kinds of people that prioritize money and social status above all. 

I’ve spoken about it in these blogs before : the concept of investing time and money in your craft without any guarantee of monetary return. Some things aren’t tangible though right. 

Like I’ve said before:

If I did it for the money I would’ve quit after the 1st year.

This blog I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences around some themes like passion, hard work, investment and glory.


Oz Hip Hop

Oz Hip Hop - 10,000 hours

So there’s the popular theory that if you invest 10,000 hours in a certain field, you will become an expert. In other words experts are made, not born. I like that.

I’ve been doing my thing in the Sydney underground for a few years now and I have seen all sorts of people jump on the mic. One thing I’ve noticed in the scene is that people really don’t care what you look like, how you dress or where you’re from. It comes down to one thing:

Do you have bars?

Plenty of people talk a big game but don’t know how to hold a mic. Maybe they’ve got some dope shit they did in the studio but haven’t had much stage time? I’m just saying: if you’re going to say you’re the best. you gotta bring that heat.

Oz Hip Hop

Writing bars and structuring songs is a deep process of passion for me. Performing these songs to a live crowd with a sick vibe is glorious. It’s a ritual. And it’s the reward for my hard work. I don’t think I could release/perform something half-arsed. It’s not who I am. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have played Oz Hip Hop gigs and gotten paid. Like really paid – on occasion. They are few and far between though. I know plenty of people who do covers at weddings and make good money. I spose it all depends on what you want.

Unfortunately there aren’t many wedding requests for Primitive classics like Friendzone and S.T.F.U though. At the moment anyway. 

Enjoy the process

Recently I quit the safety of my corporate 9-5 role – which I absolutely hated – and committed to a music degree. People are telling me to enjoy the process of learning. The music theory is so foreign to me. It’s another language and I find it very challenging to learn.

On a side note I am the only rapper in this particular Uni. Yay me.

I spose this is the ultimate investment for me and the next thing on my journey in Oz Hip Hop.

Another investment I have made is in merch. I’ve recently got some snapbacks and beanies made that are fresh as fuck. The merch is actually where I do make some profit so dig deep peeps. Jokes.

There is a joke here somewhere or some irony:

I’m a rapper that doesn’t make money from rapping but makes money through t-shirts and hats.. something like that anyway. To be fair it is dope merch.

Primitive Merch

I feel like I’ve rambled on a bit in this blog. I guess I’m trying to say that it takes hard work, passion, dedication and maybe above all: faith. I have a dream and a vision in my head of playing huge shows and rocking stages to the masses.

That is the dream and I’m so grateful to be able to pursue it.

Big ups to everyone reading these blogs and supporting ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

2 thoughts on “Oz Hip Hop – Conclusive Hustle”

  1. Kunal (Platinum Solid)

    Your ramblings are always interesting and entertaining to read.. to add to your success, I think you’ve really started to enjoy the Merch hussle, it’s something you’re good at. Get the paper son.

    Every investment you have put into your art has elevated “Primitive” to the next level.

    I’m so excited to see where you’ll take it next.

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