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Primitive Evolution – Powerful Punchlines

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From performing sets at open mics on bowling greens to rocking stages in front of hundreds – Primitive has evolved into something more than just a man. I feel in my soul that the songs, personality and stage presence of Primitive are carving a pathway in Aussie hip hop. Shout outs to ya boi!

Last blog I touched on my 1st experience at Rock the Block and how dope that was. I’m going to continue on that positivity loop and share an experience I had at my friends’ 40th birthday party on a boat in Gosford. It was one of the best gigs I’ve ever played.

My friend Tully contacted me and invited me and my girl to her 40th birthday party. It was a combined party as one of her friends was turning 50 and they had decided to hire a boat.
Tully advised me there would be a band playing on the boat and asked if I would like to do a set. Of course I agreed.
Let me just preface this story by going off on a tangent.


Primitive - on demand

The 2nd gig I ever played was at Pratton Park Bowling club in Ashfield. It was on a Sunday, outdoors on a bowling green.

I was shitting myself. I rocked up with my posse and there was a band playing and emceeing the afternoon. I can’t remember the name of the band but the lead dudes name was Bill. They were an old hippie band; doing covers of blues, folk and rock songs. There were 4 people in the crowd.

My entourage rocked up and eventually there were about 20 in the crowd.

My friend Tully was there and she knew Bill. Tully – also a bit of a hippie – performed a folk song later that day too.

I was eventually called up to the stage and did my set. I had no confidence at this point on the stage and was practically shaking. Anyway I got through the gig and the crowd politely applauded at the end. These early gigs really moulded me into the hip hop artist I am today – Primitive.

Primitive rapper

Primitive – flow like water

The reason I told that story is because when I got on that boat, the band that was playing was the SAME band from the Bowling Green all those years before. Shout outs to my boi Bill.

After the cake had been cut and we’d had our fill – they asked me if I was ready to perform.

The fresh shiver of adrenaline just before grabbing the mic. Unbeatable.

I think the thing that made this gig one of the best I’ve played was the crowd was just so into it. There was no stage so I was on the same level as crowd.


An eclectic mix of people – from people in their 20s to people in their 60s. From lawyers to baristas and everything in between.

I was wary to do one of my tracks S.T.F.U in front of this mixture of people as I didn’t know how it would be received.

The track begins with the chorus:

‘Welcome to shut the fuck up

Everybody in the place just shut the fuck up!

Welcome to shut the fuck up

Slam the phone on the desk and shut the fuck up!”

A dedication to customer service – the crowd loved it and was screaming the lyrics back at me!

Everyone was dancing and the set was awesome.

After the set, Bill came up and hugged me and goes:

“You’ve really honed your craft.”

As a live performer, seeing the crowd having a good time and getting into your shit is the best feeling.

Primitive - Proven track record

I’ve played gigs where the vibe in the room is so low and the crowd are sitting down. Playing to that vibe when I was starting out, I would immediately think I was doing something wrong and that the crowd vibe was a direct reflection of my performance. While that’s true to a certain extend; some crowds and rooms are certainly harder to play than others.

After playing gigs like that and being convinced I’d flopped, I’ve had people come up to me and tell me it was the best thing they’ve heard. I know now that I can’t judge my skills, stage presence or lyrical ability by what the crowd does or doesn’t do. It certainly doesn’t hurt when they do vibe hard though.

Anyway, this particular night on the boat the crowd vibed hard. It was a win. What made it even better was that Bill was there to see the progress playing all the shows I have has given me.

Whether I’m playing a gig to 10 or 100 people, like my boi Gordon says:

“Your job as a performer is to give the best fuckin performance you can”


Until next time, peace fam!

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