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Prim’s Childhood: Little-known

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What up fam and welcome to the 1st of its kind blog when we take a look at Prim’s childhood. I thought I’d do something I’ve never done before and write a blog about a childhood experience I had growing up. It’s no secret that lockdown sucks ass, but I am trying to practice healthy routines – like blogging – to keep my sanity and mental health.

Let me just say before I tell this story that it is, at its core, a funny story. I hope everyone is keeping safe and sane through this latest lockdown. Hit me up if you wanna chat.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse at Prim’s childhood.

Prim's Childhood

So I was born in Gunnedah but my parents split when I was quite young and my Mum and older brother and I moved up to a place called Ocean Shores in Northern NSW. I was like 3 years old and some of my earliest memories were around this period. 

My Mum met this guy named Craig a few years later who went on to become my Stepdad. Craig was an alcoholic in active addiction at the time, but his cooking was better than Mum’s and he was a pretty funny guy. He could also draw pretty cool pictures. 

He introduced my brother and I to bands like Skid Row and Pantera. Forever grateful.

Prim's childhood

We had one of those old brick BBQs out the back of the house and Craig used to light it with a cap full of petrol from the rusty petrol can. He’d make a little nest underneath the hotplate of scrunched up newspaper, sticks, leaves and all sorts of flammable goods. He’d start the fire and to help the fire along, he’d chuck a cap full of petrol to encourage the flames.

One day he threw the petrol cap into the flames but the flames followed the cap all the back along the ground to the petrol can. The whole place started to go up. There were a wooden pergola out there, some palms and a dense garden and everything was burning.

Mum was trying to call triple  but in her panic she was pressing too many 0’s and not getting anywhere. Luckily the garden hose was out the back that day for whatever reason. Craig was yelling not to call the cops, that he had it under control.

Mum was 6 months pregnant at this time as well with my step sister.

At one point, after the fire had destroyed most of the backyard and dense garden, the garden hose – and maybe luck – had got the fire under control. It was at this point that my brother and I spotted some rogue plants growing out of the gutter.

“What are those plants there Craig?” My brother and I asked. We were young then haha.

Turns out the reason Craig didn’t want Mum calling the cops was that he was growing marijuana plants in the gutter of mums house. 

Fair to say she wasn’t impressed. 

Like I said, my brother and I were quite young then. I would’ve been like 7 years old. My brother a little older. Makes a funny story and I always used to tell people that story when they asked about my family. 

Leave a comment and tell me what funny stories have happened to you growing up or some BBQ horror stories.

As always. thanks for rocking with ya boy Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

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