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Prim’s Mowing – Discover an Empire

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My latest adventures have taken me down a path of gardening and landscaping to the potential launch of Prim’s Mowing. A few ideas have been floating around like Man in a Van etc. but Prim’s Mowing is easily in the lead.

It’s school holidays and I’ve been smashing the Airtasker jobs, building the stereotypical ‘struggling artist’ bank account, and transforming peoples overgrown gardens into something resembling socially acceptable.

I also released my new filmclip STFU, which has been getting a lot of positive attention. Things are happening. Let me tell you about some of my adventures lately.

Prim's Mowing
Not Actual Job Site

So I bought a set of electric gardening tools off Gumtree. I got a hedge trimmer, mower, whipper snipper and leaf blower/mulcher for $150. The hedge trimmer is my favourite so far. Prior to the tools, there was a backyard I did in Quakers Hill. There were no pictures of the yard on the ad but it said something like ‘small yard needs weeding’.

The backyard was straight outta Jumanji. 

Some weeds were over a meter tall. I had a pair of gloves, a weed remover and the beginning of a resentment. Still, the job only took 45 minutes and I made $40. Not bad at all.

One job that wasn’t so positive happened recently. There was a job posted for ‘around an hours work’ out in Smithfield. A lot of edging and some general tidy up for end of lease. It was the 1st time using the whipper snipper and of course I didn’t ask the dude I bought it from how to feed the string. 

I broke the whipper snipper. Right at the beginning of the job. So a lot of edging was completed using hand held pruners.. anyway the place looked amazing by the end. It did take me longer than an hour though.

The negative aspect of the experience was when I finished the job. I hit the guy up for more money for my labour and he told me he was a student and couldn’t increase the payment. Red hot rage flooded my body and I thought I was going to hit him. I didn’t hit him, but I did explain I was a student too.. anyway lesson learned. You can’t assume that everyone will do the right thing. Takes 2 to tango right. 

I gave him 1 star. The good news is his neighbour saw me working and asked for a business card and I ended up getting another job out of it.

Prims mowing, A CUT ABOVE

I rock up to these jobs in the Nissan Micra. I guess it’s pretty comical. 

Another place I went to in Erskineville saw me battling a rogue bamboo tree that had shoots that ranged in height anywhere from 2 to 5 meters. It was a beast of a thing. There was no ladder so I was standing on the letterbox and rendered walls waving my hedge trimmer like a madman.

Anyway I was there for like 3 hours and made $120. That’s pretty good for me. I have certainly worked for less. So I’m getting all this experience in gardening and I’m no stranger to hard work. Still beats being a chef.

If my rap career never really takes off then Prim’s Mowing will be a viable option.

I’m so grateful to have this platform to air my thoughts out. Me and Angel did our 1st job together today. We smashed it and received a 5 star review. It was good having my partner in crime on a job. Prim’s Mowing!

I am dropping a single and new music video towards the end of this month. It’s something unreleased and totally different from my normal stuff. I won’t say too much about it but I am very excited to share this as I believe it’s important for me to try new things and push comfort zones.

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

Until next time, peace fam!

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