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QK Beats: All-inclusive Artist Bio

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Whattup fam welcome to a very special artist bio spotlight of my boi Q from QK Beats. For those of you that don’t know: 

Q is the genius behind the dope beat on S.T.F.U – which is a bona fide banger!

QK Beats is easily one of my favourite beat-makers

One think I love about QK’s beats is that they are never rushed. The beats always breathe. From lo-fi hip hop to hard aggressive boom bap – QK’s body of work is as varied as it is long. 

QK beats is a spiritual, avid dreamer and in this blog he goes quite deep into what music gives him and what he intends to give others through his art.

Really excited to share this with you all. 


QK Beats

what does music give you

As a musician and composer, music fills me from very much within. It helps me achieve an inner Zen, that allows me to function in such a fast paced world that we now have become accustomed too on the daily.

It gives me the freedom to show a little bit of my vulnerability as a human being, through means of my instrumental beat art, and gives me a powerful and limitless creative medium to spread my emotional feelings of my life’s lessons.. towards the events that take place in my subjective reality viewpoint on a very true, raw and personal individual level.

It provides me the chance to express my beliefs and ideas about my behavior to my environment, my self, others, and address worldly issues.

What motivates you to create

The sense of being heard through my art is a massive motivator for me. Un-muted! Which is totally opposite to my reality experiences, where I have often felt misunderstood, misperceived and unheard.

This is subsequently a big driver for my hunger for knowledge that relates to our very origins and existence as a species. But heck, that’s just the journey music has led me down. Once your awareness and ability to revolutionize your very self perceptions of self, and determine that your relationship to your environment and self reality has an undeniably strong link to your emotional behaviors controlling that reality, one may awaken to the notion that nothing is impossible and there are limitless opportunities that arise in beautiful synchronicity out there for the taking.

It’s the very limitations we put on ourselves that denies us of our very birth right, as the powerful Creators we can be, that’s within us all, if you so seek.

It’s definitely been a massive and madddd journey thus far, and I am excited to see what’s next. We are on the very verge of something BIG!!! So that fact alone, motivates me hugely to spread the awareness that I try to portray within my music and my artistry. MUSIC HEALS!

Fun fact: Q of QK Beats was a former indie folk singer-songwriter.

So what influences you

Instrumentally wise, at this point in time, my influence is to share my religious beliefs, my views on other religious beliefs, and the connections between religion, history and governance through my own beat art and artistry, as well as produce artists that address societal, political, economical, and environmental isses that need to be addressed on a world stage, as well as explore my spirituality beliefs.

Vinatgeman Produckja and The Alchemist are two of my biggest influences as music producers within the current industry. Hopsin, Dax, ChillinIT, and Sticky Fingers are my most listened to artists on my current playlists for 2020.

My old time influences back in the day are J5, Naughty by Nature, Souls of Mischief, Pharoahe Monch, J Dilla, and Dre.

Do you have perfect conditions you like to write in?

100 percent. I make most of my beat art in the wee hours of the morning, as i feel my most creative at this time, and the feeling of being awake and creating my art, whilst most others in Australia are fast asleep and dreaming, gives me the perception that i am able to unlock people’s dreamtime.

I produce my music out of my home studio in Sydney, and most always have my intricate set up of my most treasured trinkets carefully placed around me, and my 40 plus parliament of owls watching me create my art when I compose.  

Final question : How long have you been doing music?

On and off since my first guitar lessons at the age of 10 onwards till present, although i have only been a full time producer and composer for the last 2 years. 

QK Beats

That was some deep shit man. Big ups to Q of QK Beats for taking the time to share in such depth his creative process. Check out his favourite QK Beat here

Super particular creative space for ideal writing that Q shared with us. I find it interesting to hear about individual creative processes. It highlights that we all are, indeed, individuals.

As always thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

until next time, peace fam!

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