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Single Launch – 4 Reasons for Just Kane

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Welcome to a very special Single launch edition for my boi Just Kane. For those of you who don’t know Just Kane or haven’t heard his music, go now and experience it please.

Just Kane was kind enough to lend his time and share some insight into what inspired the new track and also share some of his journey and message with us.

A dope lyricist who makes the music from the ground up ; Just Kane is making waves in the underground. Today he’s given something honest and special. The new track is called 4 Reasons and it drops this Friday 14/08/2020.


Single Launch

Tell us about the track

Reasons is one of many tracks that came out of my self isolation during the start of Covid, which I spent in this little spare room at my Mums place in Perth, that I called “The pantry”.

This particular girl I am rapping/singing about in the song is someone who has inspired a lot of my music since meeting her. For anyone who is new to listening to my music or who has not heard it before, a few years back now I got clean from 7 years of heavy drug addictions. 

I moved to Sydney initially to go into this “nice rehab” where I was told there would be massages and meditation everyday, don’t get me wrong it was nice, but that’s not exactly how it went.”

“Anyway when you first get into this rehab they give you a bunch of rules, like no coffee, sugar, smoking Etc. One of the first rules I remember hearing was:

‘Do not get into a relationship’

This is a song about my rehab romance. Its pretty easy to fall in love when all you have loved for 7 years is a crack pipe or a needle with some drugs in it you know? Well, you probably don’t but I’m sure you could imagine. 

So yeah it didn’t take much, and to top it all off she was this sexy little Italian girl who was almost ten years older than me, what could go wrong right? I soon learnt why this rule existed, we would always argue and then make up and all that bullshit, just a real typical toxic relationship.”

Single launch

tell us more...

“Basically the single launch track is about having all the reasons in the world for not liking someone, but staying around them for the one simple reason, because you love them. 

And then, eventually, after hurting enough, finding the courage to let go of what feels so good but hurts so bad. 

I can relate to this topic and the predicament in many areas of my life still, whether it be drugs, fears, women or just bad habits. My biggest motivation for writing the things I do, is the hope that I can help open someone’s mind or heal them in some way through my music, if I can help just one person then it is all worth while.”

solid dope message

“I hope you guys who bump the track can relate to it in some sort of way, and maybe can find something of an answer to a tough situation you might be going through . I will only ever write about real shit that I have gone through or experienced in my life.. you will never catch me slipping on that. 

The single launch 4 Reasons drops this Friday, the 14th of August, ENJOY !! One love, Just Kane.”

Single launch

Big ups to Just Kane for taking the time to share so honestly and provide some insight into what this track is all about.

Anyone who has gone through adversity and comes out the other side and uses the experience to help others is an absolute hero in my eyes.

4 Reasons drops Friday 14/08/2020 on all major streaming platforms.

As always thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim!

until next time, peace fam!

3 thoughts on “Single Launch – 4 Reasons for Just Kane”

  1. Just Kane, you don’t really know me but I am your great Auntie. I am very proud of the honesty you have shown about the journey you have been on. Have had members if my family with similar stories so have a small insight into your story. Well done to you and send my love. A Kaye xx

  2. Kellianne Giannagostino

    So proud to call you my nephew Kane. The silver lining around Covid Iso was having you back in our physical lives to hug!! I’m thrilled that another silver lining is about to drop. You are simply awesome and inspire me and sooo many others with your grit, humility and honesty. Keep living your most authentic good life. Love and respect always – A Kelli 💙

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