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Primitivo en vivo

"....For me it's in the live performance that an artist truly shines. I have watched Primitive perform in a room full of 200 people who had never heard his beats, and in a room full of people who were obviously there to see him perform. The energy and dynamic with which he spits his rhymes and brings his audience in was nothing short of mesmerising. Personally I think it's only a matter of time before he can stand amongst Australia's biggest names in Hip Hop."
Gordon Burke (Josh Orange)

White Primitive Snapback

About me

By way of the Gold Coast in Queensland to N.S.W, Peter Sandercock or ‘Primitive’ as he’s respectively known in Sydney’s vibrant rap scene has gained fast success over the relatively short period he’s been active as an Aussie hip-hop artist.

Growing up in a house with diverse influences from Elton John to Slayer, it wasn’t until twelve years old that a friend would pass him an Eminem tape, exposing him to rap music for the first time.

The 2017 ‘Rising Mc’s’ winner writes about addiction, emotion, pain and discovery. 

A process that’s assisted his hard fought and celebrated 6.5 years of sobriety.

Driven to leave his mark on Australian hip hop – Primitive raps with enough conviction for you to not just believe his lyrics, but to feel them for yourself and also relate, as he intended for you.

With a desire to be one of the best Aussie hip hop artists; Prim promotes a positive message of hope and change through his powerful lyrics.

As he reflects, creatively, on a period he calls his ‘rock bottom’, it’s clear to see that the future is looking up for Peter, and it’s certainly looking bright.


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