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Sydney Based Hip Hop Artist

"....For me it's in the live performance that an artist truly shines. I have watched Primitive perform in a room full of 200 people who had never heard his beats, and in a room full of people who were obviously there to see him perform. The energy and dynamic with which he spits his rhymes and brings his audience in was nothing short of mesmerising. Personally I think it's only a matter of time before he can stand amongst Australia's biggest names in Hip Hop."
Gordon Burke (Josh Orange)

Primitivo en vivo
White Primitive Snapback

About me

Primitive has emerged from Sydney’s vibrant underground rap scene to swiftly become one of Australia’s most respected hip hop artists. Born in Gunnedah in country NSW Prim has survived a life of family dysfunction, with stints served along stretches of Australia’s east coast. Primitive has now found his way to where he belongs: Sydney’s underground music scene.

Since winning “Rising MCs” in 2017, Primitive, who boasts influences ranging from Elton John to Slayer to Eminem, has been on a mission to convert listeners through his relentless live shows and innovative studio releases. Known for his intricate word play, Prim’s music is also highly affective and promotes a message of hope. Indeed, Prim wields his microphone with a conviction that arises from his personal journey through pain, addiction and recovery: Prim is intimately aware that from darkness art can grow. His music stands as a reflection on and celebration of his hard fought 9.5  years of sobriety, and Prim spits his rhymes with a sharpness of vision that cuts deep. 

Primitive is also a published poet, whose work has been taught at various universities.

You can find Prim: playing at your local dive, spitting vocal fire through the wires of the open mic.


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Award winning HIP HOP ARTIST