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My 1st Busk – Professional Rapper

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I can officially call myself a professional rapper, now that I’ve worked up the courage to go out and busk!

1st off a big shoutout to my boi Olly for encouraging me to get out and for just being an all-round legend. 

This blog I wanted to share my experience of busking for the 1st time in Sydney and also some experiences of living the student life at Uni.

Big ups for everyone supporting ya boi Prim.

Professional rapper

Prims been getting the d

It’s a bit of an on-going joke now after I told everyone that I got a D for my performance class. Initially I thought it was a poor mark as I was used to the A to F system but turns out it’s a D for Distinction. 

After I posted my success, the jokes came rolling in. Some highlights were:

“Prims loves getting a D!”


“Now Prims got the D he will always be chasing it.”

Gotta laugh right. My next goal is getting a HD so I can only imaging the comments then.

The 1st Busk..

..really was an experience. A largely positive one. I met Olly at Central Station and we started off in pursuit of a dope spot. Whilst we were walking, my handle broke on my amp so I had to carry it. Timing right.

We got to Paddy’s Markets and decided to set up shop. While we were setting up this dude asked us if we were rapping or singing and when we replied both the guy stuck around and watched us set up and play. 

Our 1st customer! 

He stayed awhile and dropped $5 in before he left. The day progressed with a mixture of covers and originals. I was having a blast. At one point this random guy came up and tried to grab the mic. He was drunk. I didn’t give it to him and he stayed around for ages watching us play. The hazards of being a professional rapper..

At one point he came over between songs and engaged us in the ramblings of a drunk man on the edge. Telling us about a sacred book he wrote that he would only reveal to the world deep in a cave by candlelight..

A little while later – after our new friend had thankfully left – a lady came over and dropped a folded note in the open guitar case we were using to collect the funds. She smiled and left. After the track, we looked at the note. 

As Olly unfolded it, a $20 note fell out and written on the note was:

“Thank you for the inspiration. God Bless.”

It was quite special and I think Olly kept the note. Beautiful moments.

I was in my element out the front of those markets. Cars were driving passed and honking their horns giving us the thumbs up. It was an awesome time. 

All up we made $100 over a few hours. We played through light showers, sunshine and clouds. What an adventure. 

On a side note, Olly is an amazing singer. Check him here.

When I posted on FB about our success, someone commented that I was as professional a musician as anyone could claim. Got them feels. 

So finally I am actually making money from my music! Next will be to keep finding cool spots around the city and playing. Olly reckons Circular Quay is the goer. One of our friends from Uni wants to join us as well and he is getting his busking permit.

Will be interesting to see what we cook up. In the current climate, it feels like doing an outdoor gig. I think people are really starving for entertainment and culture.

I am reinvesting my funds into getting a better set up and today I bought some cords for a better mic. Can’t wait to get back out there!

As always, thanks for rocking with ya boi Prim.


Until next time, peace fam!

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